100 Marburg drawings

Pictorial stories and fairy tales to set your own words to
By Manuel Kurpershoek


Why are my fantastic drawings called fantastic?

The series started in 2009, during my summer holiday in the university town of Marburg, Germany. I made the acquaintance of this ancient town through its annual Summer Academy, where I taught drawing in 2008. In 2009 my wife Gerda Förster and I stayed for another fortnight with our friend Roland Stürmer. The southern atmosphere, the castle, the mediaeval streets with the stone stairs everywhere, the river Lahn and the Elizabeth Church spurred on my drawing urge. The Grimm Brothers lived and worked in Marburg, Martin Luther went there, and the Dalai Lama visited the town during my stay. The old university has a motly range of collections on show. With its wealth of history Marburg is also bubbling with life. In 2010 I returned once more and witnessed another cultural blossoming season. Back home in Nijmegen I continued to draw at the dinner table, inspired now by music, hospital, news items, history, my Gerda, friends, students and fellow artists.


I've made fantasy drawings for many years, but never before put them on display. Collector Peter Kerschgens owns many. In 2010, Roland Sturmer held the opening speech for my first show of 39 drawings in the Gebruder Grimm Stube in Marburg. "Manuel communicates in imagery," Roland said. I was proud to hear him say that.



Somewhere in 2011 my book of 100 Marburg Drawings will appear, with text by Thomas Swinkels and book design by Vormweijs (Simone Weijs).


German Gerda Förster | English René Kurpershoek


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